Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tu Le Valley at harvest time with Custom Vietnam Travel Company

Tu Le Valley at harvest time

Tu Le Valley in Yen Bai Province’s Van Chan District is among the favourite destinations for tourists who enjoy natural beauty. During the autumn Tu Le becomes more beautiful as the rice fields turn yellow and the harvest atmosphere fills the town.
Tu Le is famous for its sticky rice, a dish that is often served with local roast pork. Both wet and dry young rice (com) are also among the locality’s specialities.
Fields and wooden houses decorate the mountainsides making Tu Le more picturesque. Standing on Khau Pha Mountain Pass after a rain, the lucky visitor might be able to witness the lovely sight of the clouds passing over the fields.

 Tu Le Valley attracts many photographers
Tu Le girls

Terraced paddy fields
A road on Khau Pha Moutain Pass

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